Within these Walls – Cubicles or Open-Plan?

Offices used to have four walls but, as time moved on, open-plan moved in and, instead of having private space in which to perform one’s job, ‘one office for all’ became fashionable, making a quiet working environment a thing of the past.

Then the cubicle design arrived in the late sixties, giving a feeling of privacy but a continued problem with background noise.  Described as an acoustic sieve, our understanding the difficulty of this environment probably only hits home when we phone a call centre for some kind of advice and can hear everyone else but the person that is helping us.

As office space became smaller, the computer industry seemed to respond, large monitors being replaced by flat screens and filing cabinets being replaced by CDs and pen drives.  Research in America proved that by removing all the then redundant filing cabinets, offices could be smaller and the cost of renting space could be greatly reduced.

However, working in a cubicle can be very stressful, since background noise does make concentration very difficult.  Personal space may now be down to a ten feet by ten feet square (although it is only three-sided), within which you have everything you need.  Your office is transforming into an Ergonomic Office, so makes sence to have a good ergonomic office chair. Your ergonomic desk may now be L-shaped against two walls, so the flat screen lifted from the desk top by an adjustable monitor arm makes sense, as it not only creates more workable space but allows you to adjust its angle without exerting yourself.

Mirus Office Chair with Leg Rest white Frame
Mirus Office Chair with Leg Rest white Fram

Getting the best office chair for you is now paramount, as all actions will most likely be done from a sitting position. An adjustable chair should not only address appropriate back support but have swivel movement and be correctly sized to fit both the user and the designated work space.

Research has also indicated that the two most important points that need to be addressed in a successful working space are the ability to work uninterrupted and to have easy and frequent interaction with others.  If these two factors are realised, team work and job satisfaction can increase by as much as twenty three percent. A cocktail office may therefore be the answer.  Rather like a cubicle but with a sliding glass door, this office will improve the acoustic situation and an open door can indicate the occupant’s agreement to interruption at selected times. That same door will also have a positive psychological effect, as having one’s own office does give a feeling of importance, which often displays itself in the increased quantity and quality of work produced.

Ergonomic Office Chair
Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic Office chairs – choose yours

Ergohuman Plus

It can get very difficult to differentiate between some ergonomic office chairs, particularly when the names are very similar but, suffice to say, the Ergohuman Plus is the top of the range in the Ergohuman stakes, with plenty to offer the health-conscious office worker. The Ergohuman Plus is the top of the range mesh office chair.

This model is ninety eight percent recyclable and has more aluminium detailing than its close relatives, so it’s a smart looking chair with a strong frame. Its long list of adjustment possibilities mean the Ergohuman Plus can be altered to suit everyone.

One lever controls the three main adjustment areas of seat height, seat depth and back tilt, all of which get the chair to fit the smallest or tallest person. The height adjustment can cater for five foot to six foot four inches and the seat depth is particularly important, as correct adjustment keeps your back in contact with the back rest, while reducing any pressure that could fall on the knees, if the seat pad didn’t match you leg length. Like in a car, the back tilt gets the body in a good position for the arms to reach their place of work comfortably.

Arm rests are really important, as they support your arms and therefore also reduce any pull on your shoulders, guiding your hands to the desk or computer keyboard. The arm rests on the Ergohuman Plus offer multidimensional adjustments, meaning up, down, backwards, forwards and also in and out. Making sure that your elbows are placed comfortably near your body rather than splayed at a wide angle makes a huge difference to overall support.

Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair
Ergohuman Plus Mesh Office Chair

The Plus has a seat tilt option which helps take pressure off the spine but only when adjusted correctly for its user. It really does pay to get all adjustments set to meet your needs, or the ‘ergonomic’ quality of the chair will be there in name only.

Lumbar support is essential and this ergonomic office chair boasts autoflex zones for added comfort and that important support. Adjusting the seat back will get this important feature to work for you and make long days seems less stressful.

With a matching headrest, this office must-have oozes comfort and, in a choice of either mesh or leather upholstery, you really do feel loved.

Ergohuman Plus Luxury Leather Office Chair
Ergohuman Plus Luxury Leather Office Chair